Allston Christmas

Welcome to September 1st! This day is colloquially known as Allston Christmas. But move-in day is anything but a holiday for new neighbors and existing residents alike. After frantic apartment searches and weeks of moving truck “storrowing,” the big day is finally here. A few free curbside finds notwithstanding, September 1st marks the high turnover of countless apartment leases, as many of the Boston area’s estimated 250,000 college students return for the new school year. 

Allston Christmas is now more about trash management than finding good things along the street – those good ol’ days are long gone! During the Menino administration, the city started to institute stronger penalties and fines for giant piles of Grandma’s furniture and endless cheap floor lamps, stereos, box fans, micro fridges, etc., all of which you do not see today. In the late 1990s the city took it on the chin financially and had giant construction front loader trucks driving around and filling waves of dump trucks in Allston-Brighton, cleaning up the mess on August 31st, September 1st and even on the 2nd.  Realizing that this was a drain on the city years ago, city hall stiffened the fines and held the landlords more accountable. The results were that larger landlords started to get 40-foot dumpsters for their tenants to fill as they were moving out. 

Here is a good example of a responsible landlord at 48 Brighton Ave in Allston. Each year for the past 10+ years for Allston Christmas, they have rented two dumpsters along with street permits for them. However, these dumpster are often emptied at least one time, as they were a day ago.  So in this picture, this merely 35-unit building will have filled four 40-foot dumpsters of trash, and maybe up to six dumpsters once new tenants move in.

Allston Christmas responsible landlords Boston

In this other photo, Hamilton Properties (landlord) has five 40′ dumpsters (one not pictured) plus four normal trash dumpsters available for Allston Christmas to their tenants at 90 Gardner Street and the adjacent buildings on each side. Hamilton Properties seems to be able to portion out the space for 10+ dumpsters.

Allston Christmas on move-in day in Boston

As a candidate for Boston City Council district 9 Allston-Brighton, I am very concerned about what some of the new buildings will do for trash removal on September 1st each year. WiIl 89 Brighton Ave with 129 units have 7+ 40-foot trash dumpsters available for their tenants? Where would they even put these dumpsters? Will Hamilton Properties put out 20+ 40-foot trash dumpsters for their 335 unit buildings in Packard’s Corner? I have a spreadsheet listing 15 new buildings in Allston alone with 100-1000+ units being built,  and I would wager heavily that these landlords have no feasible plan for trash removal on September 1st each year. It will be even more of a mess than it is now.

If these were owner occupied condo buildings, there would never be a problem. Learn about the Allston-Brighton construction projects housing development case study here.

Happy moving day neighbors!

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