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Allston Brighton City Council 2021 election candidate
Eric Porter Boston City Council Allston Brighton District 9 Candidate



在过去的几年里,Allston Brighton 社区经历了一些剧烈的变化。 随着居民越来越关注节奏和流程,我竞选奥尔斯顿-布莱顿市议员,以确保我们的社区在波士顿市政厅有代表。

作为您的 Allston-Brighton 市议员,我将:

  • 确保在波士顿市政厅听到并适当代表忠诚的居民和家庭。
  • 密切关注当前被忽视的安全和生活质量问题
  • 通过人们负担得起的房屋所有权和租金大力支持社区稳定
  • 扩大绿色空间,增加共享社区区域并扩大社区的树冠
  • 鼓励街区美化,促进历史保护
  • 致力于改善波士顿学校和教育选择
  • 率先“负担得起的所有权”,以永久提升低收入人群。
  • 帮助管理城市强加给他们的 Allston-Brighton 人口(28,000-39,000 名租户)的计划增长。
  • 协助和促进小企业的发展,使他们能够生存并为奥尔斯顿-布莱顿的居民服务。
  • Honestly represent and protect the interests of people who already live in Allston-Brighton, rather than outside groups or agenda.
allston brighton home ownership opportunity city council candidate
A candidate who listens

Residents deserve opportunities to build equity in Allston-Brighton

Over the last few months, I have had the opportunity to meet and talk to voters in Allston Brighton and hear what issues are important to them. Many young adults have said their goal is to own a home so they can build equity and have more control over their financial future.

Our residents are immigrants, families, and new graduates and they don’t want their hard-earned money they pay for housing to go towards the profits of the big landlords of new buildings that were recently given these opportunities for even greater wealth.

Thank you for your vote!

local elections have direct impact.

2021 Voting Resources for Boston Residents:

In a local election, residents have an opportunity to have a real impact on their neighborhood and city by electing the best candidate to represent their district. This can result in a significant improvement in the quality of life of the residents and help local businesses thrive. A determined city councilor can vastly improve living conditions via infrastructure updates. Please feel free to share this page with neighbors!

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